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iceland volcano coffeeshop

Apart from being one of the largest volcanic craters in the region, Hverfjall also attracts the attention of visitors from all over the world, as it offers a panoramic view of the natural beauties around it. The unique peaks and volcanic mountains in the topography form this view. The project, located at the foot of the volcano, was designed to be in harmony with this rugged terrain and to benefit from the panoramic view as much as possible. Factors such as the harsh - cold climate conditions of the region and the prevailing wind directions were important elements which effected the design of the building. As a result of all this, a building was designed in a manner that respects respects its environment, climatic conditions and topography. The triangular form of the building helps visitors to experience the panoramic view more effectively. A sloping roof was used in the design in order to minimize the impact of the prevailing cold wind aerodynamically, to make the roof of the building a part of the user experience and also to adapt to the surrounding rough terrain. The walking route was designed to make the visitors feel the continuity and permeability of the outdoor and indoor experience. The fact that this route passes through the building effortlessly, that the building is designed with 2 entrances / exits enabled the interaction of the visitors with the building to become organic. The cafe, exhibition, fireplace area, toilet and other different functions in the interior have been made a part of the natural circulation of the visitors. The building is designed so that it can respond to the various needs of the visitors and to offer different options functionally.

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