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eskihisar castle renovation

The castle is a historical building located in Gebze district of Kocaeli. Eskihisar Castle was built on a steep hill in the north-east of Eskihisar Village to control the south of Izmit Bay and protect the port in ancient times, and it was built during the Byzantine Empire, according to sources. Today, this historical building has been left in an idle state and has not been adequately evaluated. Considering this problem, a design was made within the boundaries of the castle in order for it to see the historical value it truely deserves, to get rid of its idle state by re-functioning it and to turn it into one of the symbols of Gebze. With the help of the designed route, a viewing terrace to benefit from the view and an open-air exhibition were created. Also the main transportation and pedestrian axes on both sides of the castle were functionally connected for better pedestrian circulation.

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