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meeting point at melikgazi

The project is located in Kayseri, Melikgazi,  on a site, which is close by historic city walls, main roads, pedestrian circulation routes and center of the city. These attributes make the spot an important local focus point in the area. The cultural route that the city hall suggests for the tourists and important historical buildings near the project site, enables it to function as meeting point for the public. That is the main reason why a innovative track route for the pedestrians has been designed strengthen the concepts of meeting and dispersal. Viewpoints that will help the visitors to interact with the historic city walls and view of the mountains with a different perspective than that has been used to. On the lower level of the design, the area has been used for various functions such as a small amphitheather, a playground for children and outdoor exhibition areas. The area which is near the wall, is used for indoor functions such as bathrooms and a cafe since that part of the site is not the main part to be focused in the project site.

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