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QR Code Şişli

When we look at the concept of recycling, we can see that it is not a fresh idea, it was applied centuries ago. It is thought that this concept dates back to ancient times and may have emerged almost at the same time as the development of craftsmanship. In the 19th century, with the effect of the Industrial Revolution, the acceleration of production and the growth of cities led to the proliferation of products and recycling to gain new status. In the 20th century, plastics, which created radical changes in production and consumption processes with their wide area of use, were starting to be professionally separated and recycled. Today, plastics are very much a big part of economic cycles of countries. Contrary to popular belief, not all plastics can be fully recycled. Of seven types of plastic most used today, two are in the "mostly recyclable" category and two are in the "generally recyclable" categories and for this reason, it is aimed to make plastics a part of conscious consumption with an increasing awareness and to change existing perspectives on the ever-evolving environmental movements. In line with this information, some suggestions for recycling design and sustainability awareness were presented within the scope of the KOMSUKART project initiated by Şişli Municipality. The aim of one of these studies which is QR, was to create a visual and functional design that would attract attention to increase awareness on the subject. Users who can access the website of KOMŞUKART, a sustainable awareness project, by scanning the "giant" QR code designed and placed in a public space, thus gain more information. In addition, QR is designed with recycled materials and green algae, which makes a great contribution to the carbon cycle without requiring maintenance, while raising awareness to the public and also contributes to the carbon cycle.

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