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Competition area; Küçükçekmece district of Istanbul is located within the natural protected area at the mouth of Küçükekmece lake opening to the Marmara Sea. The match factory in the area has lost its function and became a structure that cuts off the publicity of the area. The primary purpose of the design is to re-function the match factory in order to restore the disconnected relationship with the neighborhood and the city dweller. In line with this idea, solutions have been produced indoors and outdoors. As a result of upper scale and historical analysis, a public viewing terrace and a pier that will serve water sports were designed by keeping the traces of the pier belonging to the factory. In the interior, exhibition spaces, workshops, a mediatek, a multi-purpose show area, a restaurant serving the public, and playgrounds are designed. An entrance eave emphasizing the historicity of the building with contemporary materials have been added. In addition to that a design that transforms the out-of-function crane area into a playground for children have been created near the secondary enterance of the building.

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